At Liberty Health Sciences, we carry a wide range of brands to meet the diverse needs of our patients. From wallet-friendly options to high-end strains for the cannabis connoisseur, we’re sure to have what every patient seeks.

Derived from batch-specific, harvest-dated strains, Origyn Extracts represent a whole new level of high-quality cannabis. These Full Spectrum products are born out of a unique extraction process that preserves the purity and authenticity of nature itself, to ensure that each and every dose is plucked from nature’s best batch.

At Secret Orchard, we believe that the greatest discoveries are shrouded in mystery. After years of growing, harvesting and extracting in secrecy, we now hold the key to cannabis of the highest quality. Our agricultural experts combine the raw power of plants with fruit picked at peak ripeness to entice your palate and elevate your wellness. Enter at your own bliss.

Papa’s Herb™ is an easy-going brand of bud. We’re not talking that high fashion, hoity-toity stuff that’s over-hyped and over-priced. It’s everyday weed that you can go back to every time. Papa’s always going to treat you right.

Born in Santa Cruz, California, now proudly made in Gainesville, Florida, Big Pete’s is dedicated to riding waves, spreading good vibes and baking cannabis cookies that are tasty, consistent, and effective. Made the old fashion way, using cannabis infused butter and coconut oil, Big Pete’s tasty creations melt in your mouth and move the soul. Treat yourself to the cookies that treat you right!

*Pending Florida Department of Health approval.

HONEY® is a California state-licensed adult use and medicinal cannabis company that markets robust, authentic cannabis oil. In 2013, they revolutionized the cannabis industry by becoming the first producer in the world to market full spectrum, distilled cannabis oil in vape cartridges.

Lemon and Grass combines nature, science and tech to formulate, and deliver, the highest standard of product. We strive for consistency to ensure that each and every time you use Lemon and Grass products, the results are reliable.

Pretty Pistil is a powerful brand that brings a beautifully balanced approach to high quality cannabis experiences for those with sophisticated tastes and a rebellious spirit.

We are delighted to provide our patients with these myriad offerings as they continue to evolve and better understand their personal preferences.

Zentient represents a line of premium CBD and THC balanced products including topicals, vapes, and oral solutions made from a proprietary formula of ultra-high-quality cannabinoids.

Zentient also introduces a wide range of products through our partnership with The Werc Shop and their one-of a-kind terpene blends, enabling us to provide superior, standardized, and consistent medical cannabis products to the Florida market.

Clarity brands promotes the clarification of body and soul through the use of cannabis products you can trust. Lab tested, organically and locally farm grown, our cannabis products are offered responsibly to encourage a balanced lifestyle, for those who seek the halcyon existence that true clarity provides.

Welcome to a clearer you. Welcome to Clarity.

Grenco Science® leads at the forefront of ingenuity and aptitude, consistently engineering the most advanced, user-friendly portable vaporizers in the world.

We feel cannabis should be simple – to consume and understand. That’s why we created dompen. Vaping provides an immediate, easy to dose effect. Unlike conventional vape pen brands, dompen creates the most consistent, flavorful, and easy-to-use vape products on the market.